This year's Tour will be similar to last year's. That tour provided visitors with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit 7 private homes and a special garden where wildlife resided. Also included were the 1931 Martinez Junior High School and the four museums in town. The Tour also included exhibits, antique cars, musicians & shuttle buses. See photos ...


Since 2007, the Historic Home Tour has been an annual event that has showcased the vintage homes in the community. The Tour has become a popular event that the town looks forward to each year with great enthusiasm. We invite you to peruse the photos of the past tours -- which will provide you with an excellent overview of the event. See photos ...


The Home Tour is organized by the Martinez Historical Society. The Society also operates the Martinez Museum which has recently been renovated and has reopened with new exhibits. The Society provides many services in Martinez. It also operates four Facebook pages and four websites -- utilized and enjoyed by over 250 visitors per day. Read more ...

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The Home Tour now has a group page on Facebook. If you join the group, you will be able to see the fascinating material that our Facebook Administrator, Kevin Murray, has posted there!

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